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Wildlife Sanctuary

Town: Port Elizabeth
Province: Eastern Cape

.: If your passion is helping to save and protect endangered wildlife species in South Africa this is the project for you. Located between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay is the Sanctuary, a beautiful haven for unwanted, abandoned and injured animals. The sanctuary is also a breeding centre for endangered species for future generations to enjoy.

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Program: This Project assists the Animal Rehabilitation Centre with the daily care and funding to feed and care for orphaned and abandoned animals, some of which are injured. Volunteers are crucial to the sanctuary, giving much needed support to the small permanent team with their practical help and funding. A successful breeding program for endangered species has been introduced for Cheetah, Blue Duiker and Servals with all three female Servals at the centre giving birth this Spring.

Working as a volunteer you will be involved in many aspects of conservation and wildlife care.

Twice daily preparation of food for the animals and birds in the park. This involves cutting up raw meat.

Feeding and giving fresh water to the animals and birds twice a day.

Daily cleaning of enclosures

Upkeep and improvement of enclosures including repairing broken fences, planting vegetation, etc

Maintenance of the park such as painting and constructing new enclosures and other buildings.

Checking that animals are well and caring for those that require special attention.

Hand rearing new born animals born at the sanctuary and any that are brought in by the public. This involves regular feeding, usually bottle feeding with milk formula to begin with, assisting them urinate and defecate, cleaning and grooming them, constantly checking that they are comfortable, warm and happy. New born animals also require feeding through the night for the first few weeks.

Playing and sitting with young animals to stimulate them.

Interacting with the public extends to assisting our staff in training and conservation awareness.

Program may include: Other volunteer tasks may include:

Conservation educational on fauna and flora in the region as well as identification of mammals, wildlife spoor, animal dung etc.

Observing and studying the animals and their behavior, this includes sleeping out in the game areas in camps.

Doing survival training practically on the reserve.

Conducting walking safaris and Mountain Bike Trails on the reserve.

Building new habitats for animals on the game reserve area.
Animals: The Centre boasts in excess of forty species of wildlife including Cheetah, Serval, Lynx, Monkeys, Meerkats, Genets, Wallabies and several buck species such as Grysbuck, Duiker, Bushbuck and the smallest of the buck species the Blue Duiker. There are also over 250 species of birds both indigenous to South Africa and from all over the world even as far as Australia! In addition to the animals and birds at the sanctuary, there are many wild animals roaming free on the game reserve including Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Nyala, Blesbok, Duiker, Wildebeest, Waterbuck and Vervet Monkeys. There are also four resident dogs who love to be taken on long walks through the game reserve and two cats as well as a clan of young calves that are bottle fed.
Location: The Project is located between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay South Africa, Volunteers must arrange their flights to and from Port Elizabeth airport
Getting to Project: Volunteers will be collected by our driver Shane at Port Elizabeth Airport and transferred to the sanctuary. On completion of the project volunteers will be transferred back to the airport by the project.
Accommodation: The lodges are located down on the game reserve, surrounded by a variety of animals. When you wake in the morning you might be lucky enough to see giraffe grazing on the hill or a herd of Zebra or Impala enjoying a morning run. Waking up to the songs of the many birds whilst watching the sun rise over the reserve is a great way to start your day! Wait till you have breakfast in the fresh clear morning air. The lodge is completely made out of wood, which gives you the back to nature feeling.
Upgrade to Single: N/A
Upgrade Dbl/Twin: R500 per week sharing
Applicants: This project is open to anyone over the age of 16, fairly fit and in good health.
Includes: Accommodation, Transfers to and from Port Elizabeth, Sponsorship for Endangered Species Projects and sponsoring of purchasing additional animals for breeding project, All meals included.
Excludes: All Flights, All Beverages, Excursions, Insurance
Hours: Work days will be weekdays from 7-5 with two days of per week to relax or explore the area, most volunteers spend their days off at the Volunteer lodge in Jeffreys Bay Transport can be booked with J Bay Cabs 083 6111 003

Freetime: For quieter nights there is a TV lounge with satellite TV and a DVD player for relaxing movie nights. A public pay phone is located in the main building and international calling cards are available from the local shop.

The surrounding areas offers a selection of places to visit like, Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay and the Garden Route.

Volunteers Feedback: We stayed in the lodge which was a beautiful building set right in the middle of the game reserve; the sanctuary itself is a really gorgeous environment with various animals - including beautiful birds and tame big cats (lynx etc.). The people are lovely, we got on with everyone really well and were sad to leave. It was a great experience, one not to be missed! - Katie and Emma

It was an amazing experience, and although we were only here for a short time we learned so much and saw so many animals and birds that you definitely don't see at home. the staff at the project were so welcoming and friendly and the hospitality and food was brilliant.

There are lots of other volunteers from many different cultures and you get to learn so much. The experience was definitely life touching and we will always remember our time on the project. we really had a fun week!!!!
Kerry and John - Ireland

Rate in ZAR: 4300

Rate For: per week

Duration: Min 2 weeks

Dates: This project can be joined at any time of the year.


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Rates Valid till Oct this year, All Rates subject to change

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