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 White Lion Rescue Project <strong>Province</strong>: Limpopo <br />

White Lion Rescue Project

Town: Greater Timbavati
Province: Limpopo

.: White Lions are the most legendary animals on Earth and, tragically, the world's most hunted trophy. The White Lion Protection Trust was founded by Linda Tucker who has dedicated her life to saving them. Over the last 6 decades White Lions have been forcibly removed from their endemic habitat and sent to zoos and circuses around the world; worse, they have been bred in captive breeding centers to be killed (Canned Hunting in the notorious Blood Lions industry). Less than 13 White Lions currently survive in their natural environment. As part of the long term strategy to protect the White Lions, this non-profit organization has been implementing a White Lion Protection Plan TM and has secured vast tracts of land in the ancestral pride lands of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.

Program: The WLT focuses on conservation through sustainable development, with particular emphasis on community participation, education and cultural upliftment.

The WLT offers an exclusive opportunity for candidates to volunteer with the White Lion Conservation Project where they will be trained as active members of the conservation monitoring and research team.

Volunteers need to be enthusiastic and adaptable to the changing day-to-day needs of the project. Candidates have a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience whilst making a valuable contribution to the long-term conservation of the white lions.
Program may include: - Lion Monitoring and Tracking

- Field Research and Data Input

- Predator/prey studies

- Vegetation and Habitat Management

- Environmental Educational Programs
- Cultural Development Programs
Animals: white lions, tawny lions, giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, impala, nyala, bushbuck, leopard, hyena, tortoises, duikers, warthog, porcupine, serval, genet, monkeys, baboons.
Getting to Project: Fly to Johannesburg and Ashtons shuttle from there to Hoespruit (6 hours) or flight to Hoedspruit airport where a representative will pick you up and bring you to the reserve
Accommodation: Large volunteer house with shared bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room, swimming pool
Upgrade to Single: room availability permitting
Upgrade Dbl/Twin: room availability permitting
Applicants: If you are in the fields of conservation, environmental science, wildlife management, ecology, wildlife biology wildlife journalism, wildlife photography, veterinary science, animal behavioral studies or related fields, if you have a genuine interest in conservation, interested in indigenous cultural aspects

and if you are flexible, adaptable and self-sufficient you would be perfect for our program.
Includes: Accommodation

Food will be provided and volunteers get to take turns to cook for each other
Training by qualified members of the conservation and management team
Cooking and laundry facilities [self-service]

Weekly trip to town for food and other supplies

Transfers from airport/bus stop on a Tuesday

Excludes: Flights
Travel and medical insurance
Transport related to any additional (non-WLT) activities (ie. anything except the weekly town
trip, the drop-off/pickup on day of arrival and departure, and scheduled WLT outings) is not
included; independent shuttle companies/car hire services are available from Hoedspruit
Hours: monday - friday 6.30-4.30pm with free time during the hottest part of the day

Freetime: weekends, there are activities you can do in the area ranging from day trips to Kruger National Park, Horseback safari's, Blyde River Canyon waterfalls and many more. These activities will be at your own cost and your volunteer coordinator can give you the details.

Rate in ZAR: 6400

Rate For: 1 Week


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Rates Valid till Oct this year, All Rates subject to change

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White Lion Rescue Project Greater Timbavati Limpopo

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