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 Teach Children Port Elizabeth <strong>Province</strong>: Eastern Cape <br />

Teach Children Port Elizabeth

Town: Port Elizabeth
Province: Eastern Cape

.: The Project is perfect for anyone who wants to experience township life while being able to help the children at the local high school.

There is a serious shortage of staff, class assistants and other important roles at this high school so even if you're not a teacher, you are welcome and appreciated to help out on this project. The children love to interact and learn from international volunteers!

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Program: Teaching and guidance of high school children in English, Biology, Science, Maths and much more.


There is an urgent need for volunteers, as the schools struggle for a shortage of staff, class assistants, physical health teachers (sports), help in the library and many other things that can be done to offer these youngsters a chance to a proper education.
Any possible gifts and donations provided by volunteers and their network of people are extremely appreciated. Instead of collecting goods and materials for donation, it is recommended to purchase and donate these on location. Besides that there is the need for more concrete support as in:

Learning materials for the children
Sporting equipment and materials for the children
School uniforms for the children

Guidance and Supervision

Prof, a young, enthusiastic resident of Gqebera, who is very involved with the program, provides guidance and supervision. He lives in the area with his wife and three children and will welcome you on your first day and will introduce you to all the people involved with the program. Within the schools you will be introduced to the department heads who will look after you and take you by the hand!
You will also meet with other volunteers on a weekly basis to exchange experiences and hopefully learn from each other.


The project consists of several programs, suitable to be combined or to adapt in order to fit your specific needs and to offer you a challenging and diverse experience. These are some of the options;

High school: Teaching of Grade 8,9 and 10 classes, often 40-50 children in a class on subjects such as general knowledge, science, maths, biology, history and anything else that interest youth. Age group 12-18 years
Home work guidance: Afterschool home work clubs where individual guidance is needed for the questions pupils have and themes that are current.
Program may include: Working and experiencing township life where you learn some basic Xhosa, meet loads of local people and have the possibility to really contribute to the future of these children!
Location: This education project is situated in the Walmer Gqebera Area in Port Elizabeth (PE), better known as Walmer Township.
Gqebera is one of few places in PE where a specific area for the black community still exists in-between neighborhoods populated by mainly whites. During the apartheid regime, the government forced non-whites to move to areas outside the city. Since the white community in the Walmer area preferred their domestic workers and gardeners living closer by, as an alternative to 30 km outside town, Gqebera kept on existing.

Ever since, Gqebera has been a small village within the city of PE and houses more than 65,000 people. Compared to other townships, Gqebera is, because of its location, a relatively calm and easily accessible area. Poverty, child neglect, alcohol abuse and a high unemployment rate are some of the many challenges you will be facing here. The only High school that offers education to the children of Walmer has great challenges in terms of staff, skills development and remedial teaching.
Getting to Project: Transfers to and from the project on a daily basis are included.
Accommodation: Accommodation is in a volunteer house close to the beach. You will have access to free internet in the volunteer house and all meals will be provided. You may have to help with cooking and cleaning the dishes at times.

You will obviously be responsible for your own private luxuries such as snacks and beverages. There will be an on-site volunteer coordinator who is available 24/7.

Depending on availability you will either have your own room or share a room with another volunteer.
Applicants: Love for people and children.


It is important that volunteers of this project understand the importance of the following:

To be enthusiastic and independent, in order to complete (with guidance) a successful term
To show respect towards the people and culture of the local community. You might not agree with certain ways of conduct during your term here, but dont forget you are a guest here, and you cant try to change everything in a period of just a few weeks.
To show flexibility towards responsibilities, tasks and activities.
To be a Go-Getter!
Includes: Pick up, welcome package with SIM card, accommodation, volunteer coordinator, 15% donation to the project, all transfers to and from the project on a daily basis, all meals.
Excludes: Flights, visas, insurance, personal luxury items and transport.
Hours: Flexible.
Freetime: You will also be offered the opportunity to take part in weekend trips and outings arranged by the project (extra costs can apply).

Rate in ZAR: 4990

Rate For: per week

Rate Extra Weeks in ZAR: R 3990/week when extending longer than a month

Duration: min 2 weeks

Dates: Starting your volunteer work is on Mondays only. You will be picked up at either the airport or any accommodation in Port Elizabeth on Monday morning after which you will have time to settle in and explore the area.

Tuesday will be you first day of introduction at the project. If you arrive before Monday we can assist with accommodation at a backpackers or guesthouse for you.

Participation is per full weeks only and the project will be closed for about 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year’s every year.


Apply here today for your Volunteer Experience


Rates Valid till Oct this year, All Rates subject to change

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Teach Children Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape

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