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 Great White Shark and Marine Project <strong>Province</strong>: Western Cape <br />

Great White Shark and Marine Project

Town: Gansbaai
Province: Western Cape

.: Roaming the worlds oceans, the Great White Shark is undoubtedly the greatest predatory force of the seas. Cloaked in myth, misunderstanding and fear, this awesome animal remains a mystery to man.

The Great White Shark Project is a unique opportunity to view the Great White Shark in its natural environment, either from a boat or an underwater cage. You'll also see other wildlife species, including Cape Gannets, Bryde Whales, Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins and Jackass Penguins.

On this project you'll learn a lot about the Great White and then you'll put that knowledge to use by assisting in conservation and research into this awesome animal.

Sharks are intelligent and vulnerable, deserving of sympathy and respect. Education helps people to lose the Jaws phenomenon and gain the realisation that sharks are a complex and precious species, living in the water - just doing their best to survive.

White Shark Projects is a world leading organisation focusing on the Great White Shark. Founded in 1989 purely as a research centre, since 1989 it has grown and broadened its services to include an excellent film department, diving and viewing centre and a separate conservation and educational department. "Everything we do we aim to do in harmony with nature and the environment we are working in."

The dedicated Shark Team have been conducting population dynamics and behavioural research since 1991.

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Program: Volunteers Primarily here to work closely with sharks and tourists
Majority of sea time spent aboard Shark Fever as a crew member helping out with cage diving operations. For volunteers that show a good work ethic time aboard Lwazi
may also be available. Volunteers staying for longer than one month may also have the opportunity to be a part of
tracking teams (usually two teams will take 10-12hr shifts at sea).
The cage diving vessel will launch 1-2 times per day when conditions and clientele allow. Volunteers will be scheduled on trips depending on numbers of volunteers/
space on the boat for 1-2 trips per day where possible.
Volunteers will have the opportunity to help out collecting and entering data, data is collected on every shark sighted from both the cage diving and research boat. You will enjoy lectures from our marine biologists as well as guest speakers from local organisations and universities with whom we work closely. Lectures will include ocean conservation, basic seamanship, shark biology and behaviour, data collection
and the work of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Other educational programs and events such as research,
tracking, and shark dissections will be available depending on conditions/staff availability. All will have the opportunity to cage dive during your time here.

You need to bring

Pocket money
Personal journal or notebook
Sun hat
Sun block
Some old clothing that can be worn at sea
Old shoes for che boat (water boots will be provided)
Your own snorkel/mask and flippers. (We can loan of
rent gear should you wish not to carry extra gear.)
Rain jacket
Warm clothing for evenings / boat.
Polarized sunglasses

You'll receive training in White Shark biology, research, behaviour, conservation, changing attitudes, shark attacks, basic seamanship(includes anchoring positions, wind directions, underwater filming, still photography and shark tourism.

Weather permitting you will go to sea frequently. At sea, you'll get involved as much as possible with all aspects of sea work. This will be focused on working with the sharks from above and below the water. Much emphasis will be placed on observing behaviour and the interactions of sharks around the boat. You will be taught how to get in and out of the cage and how to remain secure and safe in the cage. Participants in the cages will record observations of the White Sharks. This will include sex, size, markings and behaviour.

This training is designed to educate you to a level of competence of a field assistant. During the training, you will be evaluated on how you handle teamwork, take your own initiatives, take interest in the work and activities, show interest in learning.

Program may include: Transfers between Cape Town and Gansbaai on arrival and departure
Accommodation (including bedding, coffee, tea, cereals etc)
Internet access at accommodation
Lectures and related activities
Trips on the boat (weather dependant)
Programme materials
Welcome pack of:
2 x Marine Dynamics t-shirts (please state t-shirt size)
1 x Marine Dynamics cap
1 x Marine Dynamics jacket (return after completion of programme. This can be purchased at an additional cost.)
1 x pair of water boots (please state shoe size)
1 x DVD of a trip of your choice as well as a bonus and promotional DVD of company.
Certificate of contribution towards Penguin Nesting Project, Faces of Need, should you stay 2 weeks or longer.
Volunteer certificate for programme participation
Tour of Gansbaai and surroundings including a Township Tour as well as visit to famous Danger Point Lighthouse.
There will be a co-ordinator that will take care of you during your stay. Should you experience any problems, you will have someone to turn to.
Animals: Great white shark, whales, dolphins, penguins and seals.

Location: The program will run out of Gansbaai, South Africa. The White Shark fieldwork will take place around Dyer Island and possibly other shark locations. Dyer Island (Shark Alley!) is possibly the best place in the world to see Great Whites. Gansbaai is a seaside village, which depends on fishing and tourism for its survival. It is situated approximately two hours south east of Cape Town.

The shark team document a lot of shark activity using aerial surveys of the island. On one of the main research sites, Dyer Island, many other wildlife species can be viewed from the boat. It is the breeding ground for Jackass Penguins, Cape Cormorants and Gannets, whilst Geyser Rock opposite, is a breeding mecca for Cape Fur Seals and currently home to approximately 20 000 seals. In season Whales and an occasional Dolphin can be spotted. This is a perfect habitat for the Great White.
Getting to Project: You will be met at Cape Town International Airport and transferred to Gansbaai.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be collected by project from Cape Town and returned to Cape Town
Applicants: This project is open to anyone over the age of 18, fairly fit and in good health.

This placement would suit... People with an interest in research and conservation, who aren't afraid of working closely with great white sharks! And a good adventurous attitude and an active outdoor lifestyle is essential!!
Includes: - Accommodation
- Activities as part of the programme
- Trips on the boats
- Programme materials
- Transport from and to Cape Town
- Welcome pack of:
2x T-shirts
1x Cap
There will be necessities in the house such as coffee, tea, etc.
Excludes: Flights, Beverages, Food, Insurance
Freetime: There is a wealth of activities in the local area with Cape Town offering everything you could ask for.
Volunteers Feedback: Volunteer - Claudia Dahmer
When someone asked me how the Volunteer Programme was, I told them they should take a look at my legs, covered in bruises, or my hands, full of cuts. Or even told them I thought I would never stop smelling like Chum. BUT, it was all worth it!

Volunteer - Sandra Castro
I love spending time on boats and so this programme was ideal for me. Working as volunteer crew on the boat was hard work but great fun. We were out on the boats on most days, sometimes one trip and sometimes two trips a day.

Volunteer - Teresa Allen
I have always watched documentaries and read books about Great White Sharks, but nothing can describe the feeling of seeing them in the flesh.

Rate in ZAR: 7100

Rate For: per week

Duration: Min 2 weeks but we suggest 4 weeks. You can extend for any length of time.

Dates: 1st & 15th of every month throughout the year


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Rates Valid till Oct this year, All Rates subject to change

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Great White Shark and Marine Project Gansbaai Western Cape

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